No longer fun-employed: MojoLive

So it appears that the ‘cat is out of the bag’ so to speak, as one of my future coworkers, Sandy Smith, has already blogged about it. But Sandy, myself and a few others (Who I won’t name yet) … are getting together to start up a new company called MojoLive.  As Sandy mentioned in […] Read More

How not to interview

My final post in my Job Search series.  It’s short and simple. Employers:  Don’t “Bait and Switch” on job interviews. Multiple times during this job hunt, I’ve had companies contact me, sounding very excited to have me, to talk to me about specific position(s) that they’d be interested in me taking. Then, at some point […] Read More

Dealing with Maryland Unemployment

Unlike the last posts where I have attempted to restrain myself a bit and not rant.  I’m going to enter full rant mode here. When I got laid off, I was looking at finances and realized: “Hey wait, I should be eligible for unemployment”.  Now, I’ll admit that I felt a bit weird about it.  […] Read More