Gaming Industry – Do not want

This to me is a very sad blog post.  It represents the death of one of my dreams. You see, back when I was in High School, and getting the “You can do whatever you want to do” dream speech.  I decided (after a brief fascination with chemistry) that I wanted to get into Computer […] Read More

Startups in ‘new places’

In my last post about how companies don’t seem to be on the ‘Remote Work’ bandwagon lately, I mentioned all these startups that are buying office space to get started. An interesting, if small aspect of that:  They aren’t “In the Valley”. It used to be that all the startups were in Silicon Valley, with […] Read More

Where has all the remote work gone?

To continue my series chronicling my current job search, I come to this interesting observation:  “What happened to remote work?” Back 2-5 years ago, Remote Work was the upcoming ‘killer feature’ of job listings.  The nature of ‘programming’ leads itself really well to remote work and that’s why I’ve worked remotely for the last 4 […] Read More