Elliott White III

Mount Airy, MD • (570) 227-0205 • resume@eliw.com

Personal Statement:

After managing teams and developing Web Applications for over 19 years, I have a deep understanding of the online world and how to build and manage teams to design, implement, and maintain high traffic websites with emphasis on security, performance, and scalability. I embraced the PHP Community years ago, specialized in PHP/Javascript development and haven’t looked back.

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Over 19 years experience working in Internet Programming & Web Technologies.
  • Over 12 years of Web Project Management & Team Lead experience.
  • Author of PHP 5 in Practice for Sam’s Publishing.
  • Presenter for 49 sessions at 30 conferences.

Primary Skills:

  • Leadership: Team Lead, Release Management, Project Management, Community Relations, Architect
  • Technical: PHP, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, XML, MySQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


musketeers.me / php[architect]
Founding Partner & CTO (Chief Technical Officer)
Managing Editor & Conference Chair of php[architect]
August 2012 – Current

  • Managing magazine & book production processes.
  • Organizing & planning all aspects of large technical conferences.
  • Developing & delivering online and in-person training.
  • Developing custom eCommerce software to handle all aspects of an media conglomerate.
  • Consulting on Web Applications for clients.

CTO (Chief Technical Officer) & Co-Founder
June 2011 – August 2012

  • Setting the technical direction of the company
  • Building the initial web architecture (hardware & software)
  • Venture Capital / Angel investor relations

HiiDef Inc. / Goodsie.com
Lead Developer & Chief Architect
February 2010 – November 2010

  • Architect for http://goodsie.com/
  • Hired PHP & jQuery development team and managed them through multiple iterations of codebase
  • Made heavy use of Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, & RDS in particular)
  • Interfaced with numerous 3rd party APIs (Paypal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, FetchApp, GetClicky, etc)

Zend Technologies Inc.
PHP Community Relations Manager and DevZone Editor-in-Chief
January 2009 – January 2010

  • Maintained good community relations between Zend & PHP Community
  • Editor-in-Chief for DevZone, Zend’s Technical Blog
  • Sole programmer for DevZone, a Zend Framework based project
  • Author for numerous technical articles
  • Conference Chair for ZendCon, Zend’s premier PHP Conference

TravelPod Labs / TripAdvisor
Lead Engineer & Architect
August 2008 – January 2009

  • Managed a programming team making experimental Web 2.0 travel applications using PHP and Javascript (jQuery & Prototype)
  • Architected one of the leading Meta Flight Search engines: http://flights.tripadvisor.com/

digg.com Inc.
PHP Hacker (aka: Wildcard Programmer / Release Manager / Small Projects Team Lead / Maintenance Team Lead / Administrative Development Team Lead)
February 2006 – July 2008

  • One of the first 3 programmers and saw the company grow from 7 people to 60+, and from 30,000 users, to almost 3 million.
  • Scaled website to handle 10’s of millions of page views a day on PHP, MySQL, and Memcached
  • Provided technical guidance directly to senior management & participated in Project Management
  • Worked on all aspects of the website, took lead in prominent aspects like Web Security, Performance / Scalability, Memcached & APC usage, Advertisement Systems, Promotional Spot System, and 3rd party integration (Diggthis button, iGoogle module, Facebook widget, Automated Blog Posting).
  • Champion of best practices within the programming department specifically and the company as a whole.

Fieldstone Mortgage Company
Senior Web Programmer
December 2004 – February 2006

  • Managed multiple large web application projects with varying size teams
  • Wrote software in PHP that talked to multiple database backends (Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQLServer, and PostgreSQL)
  • Developed a complete web-based contact management and mortgage lead tracking system.
  • Detected & fixed bugs in custom software written by a previous employee that caused contact information to be lost. Untold money had been lost due to this.

Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) – Under contract to NASA
Space Telescope Science Institute – Office of Public Outreach
Hubble Space Telescope Program
Senior Web Programmer
January 1998 – December 2004

  • Served the roles of Production Manager, Site Architect, Usability Expert, and Technical Lead on many web projects.
  • Managed a team on a 3 year long project to develop a PHP based dynamic system for the storage and retrieval of 10 years worth of Hubble Space Telescope press releases and images.
  • Directly responsible for maintaining production procedures for the department, including technology standards.
  • Regularly assisted in strategic planning for the future of the public outreach department.
  • Directly responsible for ensuring the uptime, stability, and functionality of the public outreach departments’ web infrastructure.
  • Architect for the original version of http://hubblesite.org/, which would receive over 10 million page views a month.
  • Wrote web applications using combinations of PHP, Perl, Javascript, and Java.

BDM Federal Inc.
Internet/Web Developer
December 1996 – January 1998

  • Held a Top Secret clearance level with NSA.
  • Participated in writing a B2 secure firewall in C, including custom servers and proxies for ftp and http.
  • Performed UNIX and Windows NT system administration tasks, including web server maintenance.
  • Architected a custom software package for scanning/analyzing websites for standards and SEO in Perl
  • Collaborated on the writing of government contract proposals.
  • Wrote educational web games in Java with Perl backends.

Other Related Work Experience:

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant for West Virginia University: Taught two classes of Computer Science lab.
  • Webmaster/Systems Staff for the Department of Computer Science at West Virginia University: Redesigned the intranet website and performed unix systems administration.
  • Data Processing Programmer Intern for State Farm Insurance: Developed database applications and gave training on them.
  • Computer Lab Supervisor for West Virginia University: Supervised 12 employees and maintained computers.


West Virginia University
Graduated Magna Cum Laude in May 1996
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with additional graduate level work
Minors in Communication Studies and Philosophy (with a concentration in logic)


Medieval reenactment (Society for Creative Anachronism), Woodworking, Video Games, Home Brewing, and Golfing.